Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Candidate Profile: Board of Education - Sheila Daniels

Sheila C. Daniels (R)

Incumbent Candidate, Board of Education


I have lived on Daniels Farm for 26 years. with my husband, Bob.

We have two daughters, Molly and Jessie who are in college.

I have a degree in elementary education.

I work as an assistant to the Middletown School Readiness Grant Coordinator.

I am a member and secretary to the Middletown School Readiness Council.

I am also a member of: Opportunity Knocks, Middlesex Coalition for Children, Substance Abuse Prevention Council, Wesleyan’s Center for Community Partnerships Advisory Board, the Middletown Lions Club and MHS Project Graduation.

I am a parishioner of St. Francis Church.


My degree in education and work related to the field are a plus for me as a BOE member.

I am in my 4th year as a Board of Education member.

I am the BOE representative to Middletown High School.

I serve on the following committees:

Policy Committee

Curriculum Committee

District Data Team

Middletown High Advisory Board

I have served on the following:

Communications Committee

Naming Committee

Recognitions & Relationships Committee (Chair)

Qualifications for the position

My mantra has been and continues to be the following - Politics is one’s vehicle to the position, leave it at the door and sit at the table with only the best interests of the educational well-being of students and support of teachers and staff in mind.

I believe I bring a fresh set of eyes to the Board from a parent and staff support perspective.

My focus is always on what will best serve the students educationally and what will best support the staff.

Reasons for running

I am running to serve my community. I enjoyed my involvement as a parent and my election to the BOE four years ago was the culmination of that involvement. I still want to be involved and feel I have much to offer in this capacity.

I have always had an interest in education and young people.

I believe in Middletown’s Public School System and want to offer my support and help.

I am impressed by the dedication of the teachers to the district and want to support their efforts to educate our students.


I want to see all of our students achieve to their highest potential and become successful adults and assets to our community.

I want to improve the over-all climate of our schools for students, teachers, staff, parents and community members.


Jane Harris said...

I am always interested to know whether candidates for Board of Education attended public schools and also whether their children did the same. Any candidates who want my vote would help me make my decision by mentioning the answers to these questions.

Anonymous said...

Sheila Daniels is the best thing that ever happened to Middletown's Board of Ed! She is not a "yes" member that automatically agrees with administration's wishes. Sheila is very visible in the schools, while other members rarely step into any of our schools. Please continue to support her so she can speak for our children and our schools.

Sheila Daniels said...

In response to Jane's comment -
Both my husband and I are products of the public school systems, Middletown and East Hampton respectively. As advocates for public education, we happily sent our daughters through the Middletown Public Schools. They are now in college and doing very well as a result of the education received in our district.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight... Sheila Daniels works for the Board of Ed, and sits on the Board of Ed. That makes sense! No conflict there!

Sheila Daniels said...

To Anonymous..........
I am not a Board of Education employee. I am titled as a contracted service and am paid through a state funded grant held by the United Way of Middlesex County. My work includes service to all the preschool programs throughout Middletown.
Because the grant is a state grant and through the United Way, it and/or the work I do has never come before the Board of Education.
There is no conflict of interest in my work on this grant and my participation as a Board of Education member. If there were, I would not have run for the position in the first place, nor would I have been allowed to. I hope this puts your mind at ease.