Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Candidate Profile: Common Council - Joe Bibisi

Joe Bibisi (R)

Incumbent Common Council Candidate


Middletown native, Italian Amer. Soc. Elks Assc., Rotary, FBI Nat Acad Assc., Chief of Police Assc., member of St.Francis Parish, Ret Dep. Chief of Police Mdtwn PD, ret. High

Sheriff of Mdlsex Cnty., FBI Nat. Acad graduate, Educa: Masters Degree Administration UNH, National Sheriffs Academy graduate


six years as H.Sheriff of Mdlsex Cnty, 32 years as Mdtwn Police Off, Director of Eddy Shelter, Connect.Inc, 2years, 8years as City of Mdtwn Council member, 4 yearsas Deputy Mayor

I serve on10 assigned committes: Gov't/Finace,Econ Devel,Ord.Study,Youth Serv.,Pension Brd., Parking Auth, Fire Serv Cost Comm., MHS Bld., Comm, MHS Locker Room Commt., Chairman of the Code Enforcement Committee

Qualificications for position

Strong background in gov't operations,budgeting, fiscal analysis,Union negotiations personnel issues ( 4 years as Internal affairs Commander)( 10 yrs as Det. Commander of Det Bureau, 12 Dets., 4 Narcotic Off., 3 years as an under cover operative -expertise in law enforcement)

Reasons for running

With my years of experience I strongly believe the I can make our Community a better place to live

Econ Develop Comm. - Attract business to Middletown, commercial, retail, developour waterfront, retail/residential -dispose of our aged sewer disposal plant and contractwith Mattabassett in Cromwell- purchase open space when available

Finance/gov't - reduce spending in Gov't,. accountability from our Directors

Code Enforcement: rid Middletown of blight, health issues, holding absentee landlords responsible for their property - enhance the quality of life for all residents

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Anonymous said...

Joe: Impressive resume. I would vote for you ! What is your current email address? Mine: It was good seeing you in passing at our last reunion. Barry