Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Candidate Profile: Common Council - Deborah Kleckowski

Deborah Kleckowski (R)
Candidate for Common Council


I was raised in Middletown. I am the daughter of Beverly and Daniel Kleckowski. I have two younger sisters Gailyn and Brenda. I am a graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School, Eastern CT State University (BA) and Wesleyan University (MALS). I am married and have twin boys.

For nearly fourteen years I was worked in the Wesleyan University Upward Bound ConnCap program. Currently, I am an adjunct instructor at Middlesex Community College and the Coordinator of the College Career Pathways program.

Throughout my professional career I have belonged to numerous organizations including the Middlesex Area Inter-Agency Council and Kiwanis. I have dedicated my professional and personal life to educational access and advocacy.


I began my involvement in government in 1986 when I was part of a grass-roots campaign for a state representative race. I continued to be active in political campaigns including mayoral and municipal races, State Representative, Secretary of the State and Gubernatorial races. I was appointed to several commissions and I was appointed Chairman to the Department of Health Board of a major city. Most recent, I served 6 years on the Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission.

My expertise is public service not politics. I am focused on what need to be done and how to accomplish the objective efficiently and effectively.

Qualifications for position

Unique qualities are tough to define. Frankly, I am not especially unique; in fact, I think I am just the opposite. What I do possess is passion to make Middletown a better place and intolerance for “politicking” instead of doing the business of the city. As those who know me best will attest, patience for slow moving government and processes is a virtue I do not possess!

Reasons for running

I am running for Common Council because Middletown needs a change of direction. The most glaring example is my experience on Planning and Zoning when I attempted to be elected Chairman. The previous Chairman held the position for nine years and each year was absent for four months due to an extended vacation. My fellow- party member (Democrats) believed it was more important to maintain the status quo. What is most scary is that I was of the same party and presented no other concern other than attendance. Perhaps I was ahead of my time believing that a leader should at least be present! There was an 8 month stale-mate in electing Chair. The current Chair was elected by happenstance-absences of regular members and thereby allowing democratic alternates to vote. I learned a valuable lesson-it was all about status quo and the “party regulars” hard work, dedication and presentation of ideas seemed to have no impact in the decision process.

I am also running for office because elected officials need to work cooperatively, not “secluded in a basement for 3-4 hours a night” with only a few officials present to work on something as important and potentially life altering as the budget! The time has come --it is not about ‘the party” it is about Middletown!


It is my expectation that the current majority on the Council will change and as a result the business of the people will be conducted efficiently and conclude by mid-night! Second, I expect o work more cooperatively with other boards, commissions, state and federal representatives and most importantly the Board of Education.

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