Monday, October 26, 2009

Candidate Profile: Common Council - Ron Klattenberg

Ronald P. Klattenberg (D)
Incumbent Candidate for Common Council


Born and raised in New York City.

I have lived in Middletown since 1977 with wife, Marcy, Outdoor and Environmental Education for Reg. District 13; r
aised two children (Sara, Michael) through the Middletown Public School System.

M.S. Degree, University of Connecticut , Environmental Engineering.

Now retired, formerly Manager, Environmental Services, Northeast Utilties Service Co. (27 yrs); and, Environmental Consultant for Electric Utilities and Commercial Businesses (5 yrs)


Common Council (6 Terms); Currently, Deputy Majority Leader

Chairman, Finance and Government Operations

Chairman, Middletown Clean Energy Taskforce

City Liaison to the Army Corp of Engineers for Siting of Training Facility

Former Chairman, Conservation Commission

Former Member, Planning & Zoning Commission (1 Term)

Former President, Mattabeseck Audubon Society

Former Boy Scout Leader

Qualifications for position

Able to be open-minded, fair and balanced in making difficult decisions effecting the city and its taxpayers . Ability to analyze complex problems as demonstrated in the selection of the fuel cell for the Middletown High School. Also, the selection of the Cucia Park site for the Army Training Facility in Middletown required broad community support and need for consensus building. My work on the Advisory Panel and role as liaison to the Army is being judged by the Army as an example they wish to continue for other projects in the United States.

Reasons for running

I have championed many innovative and creative projects for the City while serving on the Common Council including: the high school fuel cell, installation of free solar panels at the former VOAG building, organization of city-wide community conversations, advocate for the Honeywell energy contract for the City, consolidation of City electrical accounts in the Finance Dept and application for a federal energy efficiency grant for the Remington Rand Building. This federal grant will enhance the market appeal of the Remington Rand Building as an incubator for business development and investments. I wish to continue to work on these projects to demonstrate leadership in sustainability, promote environmental stewardship while at the same time finding ways for the City to save precious tax dollars.


Complete the approval and implementation of a long term energy plan for the city which includes energy conservation goals, energy efficient vehicle usage, promotion of renewable energy systems within the city and on-going renegotiation of city energy contracts.

Begin a comprehensive legislative, regulatory and legal effort to allow city sewage to be accepted by the Cromwell Mattabassett Sewage District and begin planning for the demolition of the City’s existing treatment plant on the river front as the first step in the reclamation of our riverfront.


John Hall said...

Ron Klattenberg has been THE LEADER for the city in terms of energy policy. He has also demonstrated his deep commitment to the natural environment of our city, to enriching programs for youth, and to fiscal discipline and concern for the taxpayers. If you care about these things, Ron deserves your support and your vote.

Anonymous said...

Ron Klattenberg deserves your support and vote. He has been a proactive member of Middletown's community for over 30 years. Ron's commitment to the city of Middletown has been obvious during his involvement with the Middletown City Council. Ron holds strong concerns for Middletown's best interest. He has proven to be a quality leader of the Democratic party. Ron has never been one to follow the crowd and ALWAYS stands up for what he believes is in the best interest of the city. He always carries a smile on his face and a look of determination in his eye.Ron Klattenberg most definately deserves your vote.