Monday, October 19, 2009

Around Middletown in 80 Days: Day 56

ICONN Fencing

Phileas dropped by the IConn Fencing Club to join in the weekly meeting of people playing with swords. None of this virtual gaming for Phileas tonight! He is seeking a real experience. At the ICONN fencing club, men and women of all ages and fencing abilities put on cool helmets and body armor, take sword in hand, and challenge each other. This real life game playing provided Phileas with a physical workout along with the adrenaline rush that came with the swordsmanship.

The ICONN Fencing club is at 180 Johnson St. and offers private and group lessons on six regulation sized fencing strips and a spectator lounge for checking out the competition. The weekly fencing club meets on Monday evenings. For more information, please call 203-376-4076.

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