Saturday, October 31, 2009

Democrats Accuse Giuliano Campaign of Dirty Tricks

On Halloween day when goblins and ghouls prowl the streets of Middletown, the Democratic mayoral campaign of Dan Drew has accused his opponent of haunting the Democratic campaign with dirty tricks.

In a press release, the Dems accused Giuliano's team of misleading senior citizens into thinking that Giuliano was a Democrat, "presumably to trick senior Democrats into voting for a Republican". In addition, the Democrats accused the Republican team of defacing Dan Drew's campaign signs.

In a strong denial of the accusation, Giuliano accused the Republicans of fabricating their accusations from "whole cloth."

In a quotation from the Democratic town chairman in the press release, Democrats denounced the alleged behavior.

“Whether it’s by his campaign or his supporters, Republican Seb Giuliano needs to denounce this outrageous behavior,” said Daniel Russo, Middletown’s Democratic Town Committee Chairman. “It’s disenfranchising seniors, and it’s designed to intimidate them.”

"If they think we have time to be doing stuff like that, they're flattering themselves," Giuliano said in a phone interview. "That's just pathetic. Nobody here is doing anything like that."

Regarding the sign mutilation, Giuliano laughed.

"If anyone is defacing Dan Drew's signs," Giuliano said. "It's Tom Serra. Have you seen his frankenstein signs? They're made from some old Serra campaign signs, and some new Dan Drew signs, and they look ridiculous."


Anonymous said...

OMG - Really? This is what the democratic campaign puts out 3 days before the election! I bet the Republicans are guilty of stealing candy corn; pumpkin smashing and egg throwing too. Is this just an attempt to have some news even if its not substantive? This is a sheer sign of a desperate campaign being run by desperate people. The democratic candidates and their town chairman need to grow up and stay focused on real issues. I personally don't care if someone touched someone elses sign but I do care about people who feel this is important enough for a "Press Release". Guess what - I'm a democrat (Obama voter) who is now voting straight Republican. Wow...

Vinnie said...

I'll back up that first comment. Middletown Dems are an embarassment to the party. You need some very new blood! Go Seb, you got my vote....and I too am a lifelong Dem!

Anonymous said...

First of all Tom Serra would never stoop as low as to say Seb Guliano's signs look like frankenstein in the newspaper. This is the type of person we have running our town. Tom Serra is nothing but class. He would never say this. Hope the voters on Tuesday see this and dont elect this buffon again for another two years. Then again Guliano lets everyone that works at city hall do whatever they want so all the city workers will vote for him so they can go on their 3 hour coffee breaks everyday. Good job mayor, way to be a leader. You really work for the people????

Anonymous said...

Watching the Democrats stoop to new lows is quite disturbing. Whether it's blaming the Mayor for tax increases, justifying turning down over 1 million dollars in Union givebacks, or hanging your hat on brownstone. They offer no new alternatives or ideas. As a lifelong Middletown Democrat I find this appalling. The Common Council has the fiduciary responsibility for setting Middletown's budget. Using monies from the general fund to balance their ridiculous budget may be the one thing that bother Middletown voters the most. Watching Dan Drew lie on TV, and then recieving their mailings which have blatant lies attached to them is funny. Mayor Guiliano has made some mistakes, but has done a great job in keeping Middletown upbeat. At least the republicans put forward plans for the future. The Democrats may say things like Middletown is not Greenwhich, but I have to say, keeping monies in the bank for rainy days such as the 2010 budget is a sound idea. Especially faced with the fact next years budget is already in the hole, and facing loss of revenues from Aetna. At least we could have had a fund balance to tap next year, instead of using it this year to trump the Mayor during elections. Most of us see through the Dems smoke and mirror concepts. You are making it easy Middletown Democrats to pull republican levers come Tuesday! Dan Drew reminds me a lot of Jeremy Singleton. God help us if he is allowed to run City government when his resume is this thin! Local politics affect us a whole lot more than National ones. This Dem will be pulling more republican lines than democratic ones!

Anonymous said...

Just a week ago you wrote a piece about the Press having an article with no evidence to back it up.
How is this post any different???

Middletown Eye (Ed McKeon) said...

Quite different, actually. It was from a reputable source, with a name attached. In addition, I solicited, and got, a response from the "accused." As a part of a political campaign, it is, in fact, news, unlike an unsigned pamphlet.

Anonymous said...

How do you know Rea did not do it? It would be up her ally!
We need to stay focus on the problems of our town like a principal who is there for the kids and a super with baggage that needs to be replaced.
I chose who I was voting when he came to my home and has he walked away my son said:There is a person we use in office." do I need to say more?

Anonymous said...

I think that all these so called "dems" writting all these posts are republicans!! Just like the senior thing!!

TommyB said...

This is Dan Russo and some Democrats Hail Mary pass. Drew has no shot of winning and this last minute charade won't make a difference.

Do you know how many insider high profile Democrats privately suppport the Sebster?

It's all over!

Anonymous said...

I work for the City- trust me there is no free coffee or 3 hour coffee breaks- show me some evidence of this! I hear this over and over at council meetings- why why do citizens feel city employees are anti citizen? some politicians might be, but us worker bees work for the people!