Tuesday, July 7, 2009

World View

Marc Sitkin, a former Middletown resident now living in Coconut Creek, Florida, is a photographer and designer. He is, as I write this, in the midst of his first of 3 weeks in Israel as one of a team of photo journalists documenting the 18th Maccabiah Games (to be held July 12-23.) The games bring together young Jewish athletes from all around the world (over 7000 participants from 60 countries are scheduled to participate in the games this year) for competition in swimming, soccer, basketball, track & field, baseball, tennis, gymnastics and more. Plus, the teams, coaches and chaperones travel throughout the country (the photograph above is from an enormous bell cave located southeast of Jerusalem.)

Sitkin is not only photographing the games but also writing a blog of his experience (his first to the Middle East.) To see the images of the Games, go to www.maccabiusa.com/ and follow the links. To check out Marc's blog, go to http://digitalmomentum.com/blog/.

(Full disclosure: Marc is my cousin.)

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Anonymous said...

Jewish games? I guess it's OK. What do you think? Muslim games, would that be OK, too? Are Jewish games something like Women's Road Races, OK, because the once downtrodden need support and encouragement? We talk a lot of politics in the Eye but is religion out of the bounds of propriety? I just don't know for sure.