Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Lover's Waltz

(Fishmuscle photo)

Traditional American folk musicians Jay Ungar and Molly Mason entralled a large crowd on the lawn of the Wadsworth Mansion Wednesday evening with traditional American, Celtic and Baltic folk songs, along with originals.

Ungar, who fiddles with an impeccable tone, came to the ear of a wide audience when his song Ashokan Farewell was chosen by Ken Burns as a major theme in his documentary about the Civil War.

Under a perfect sky, the couple played until dusk, accompanied on a few by dobro artist Stacey Phillips, and drew a standing ovation at evening's end.


Mr. Fixit said...

It was a beautiful event spoiled only by those boors who chose to chatter their way thru the entire evening; I thanked a nearby chatty-charlie at the end of the first half of the show; thanked him for ruining the performance for those sitting nearby. He responded, "you are welcome".

Realizing this was an unwinnable battle, we moved closer to the stage and were surrounded by folks interested in the performance - rather than their own need to chat incessantly. And, when he was not chatting with his blanket-mates, he was on his cell phone. What an inconsiderate jerk!

Anonymous said...

Nice show but what's the deal with the rope and limited bathroom access?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fixit,

I don't believe in capital punishment, but those kind of people make me think I might be wrong. I truly do not understand what makes them tick.

Anonymous said...

It seemed like there was a large contingent of after-work crowd trying to find an alternate scene instead of a bar happy hour. There were times when the din of the crowd socializing was louder than the music in the back of the lawn. It is a nice place to meet and socialize, but the talking should end when the music starts.