Saturday, July 25, 2009

Windfarm Agreement Proposed for Mount Higby and Traprock Ridges

The Middletown Eye received this Middlefield Board of Selectmen agenda and draft agreement for the development of a windfarm (windmills), on the traprock ridge between Middlefield, Middletown and Berlin, North and South of Route 66.

At the time of this publication we were not able to confirm any action taken by the Middlefield Board of Selectman on the proposal, or of any action taken by Middletown officials.


Anonymous said...

Destroy the ridgeline !!! That will be real nice right in the middle of the recently designated national scenic trail. What a travesty, in pursuit of political correctness, destroy the most scenic and accesible place in central CT in pursuit of a few kilowatts of power. It could never produce mega watts of power and make any meanigful difference for our energy needs.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of hypocrits, Middlefield has traprock protection regulations, can't have radio, towers, cell towers but I guess wind mills are ok. What a joke.

man of town said...

This is a look at clean energy for the two towns. I am not sure how that is a bad thing if we want to be energy independent from the Middle East. Again this is just looking into it to see if it is viable.

I say bravo to both Middletown, and Middlefield's elected officials to look outside the box.

Anonymous said...

Why dont we cover the hills of Maromas with wind towers. It is about cost and benefit, do you permanently scar the ridge line with towers and power lines down to the transmission lines in exchange for "clean energy".

Clean energy is great but not at any expence.

Anonymous said...

Everybody wants clean and green. Everybody wants hydro, solar, and wind power.
Just don't put them where I can see them!