Sunday, July 19, 2009

Polish Pork Pullin'

Karen's posting of The Polish National Home Pig Roast was a command in my house.  It simultaneously evoked memories of the best pork we have ever tasted, at a church pig pickin' in Durham, North Carolina, and memories of a delightful little diner named Polonia in the Lower East Side of New York city.  According to my wife, we did not have a choice about going.    

We were not disappointed.  Grillmaster Scott Hadgy (pictured at right) used a real wood fire to roast a pig to perfection.  Inside, a table was groaning with enormous platters of meat drenched in a delicious vinegar and pepper sauce.  With a couple of ice-cold Zywiec beers, we joined a table in the bar and were regaled by tales of Middletown from a woman who used to buy live chickens for her mother's home cooking, at the market on Court Street near the river.  

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