Sunday, July 12, 2009

North Harbor Park Clean-up Continues July 25

Much progress has been made on reclaiming the North end of Harbor Park from invasive species, vegetative and human.

The clean-up will continue with volunteer crews including the Middletown Crew team, the Lions, volunteers from the Jonah Center and anyone else who would like to help on the morning of July 25. In a note to the Middletown Eye, Elizabeth Santangelo comments on the work yet to be done:

The work on the 25th will consist of completing the clearing of the west side shoulder, spreading mulch along the fence line (the Parks Department will have already sprayed the area to retard weed growth and hopefully had time to straighten the couple of brownstones that are out of alignment), edge the grass around the Lions Landing gazebo and walkway (for those allergic to poison ivy) and clear the farthest most point of the park to show the ferry docking slip (the crew team has already discovered this as a great place to watch the start of the race). This work should fully complete the restoration of the north end of Harbor Park and Lions Landing for community enjoyment.

Volunteers have been asked to bring long handled cutters for the weeds and vines. Ken will bring the wheel borrows and rakes for the mulching. He usually has his handy chainsaw and we are hoping our prior volunteer with a chain saw will be there as well - some of the vines are like trees. I will bring rakes and cutters as well. When we get a final count, we can refine the tools being brought and what will be needed.

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