Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bike Racks on Main Street!

Here's something we can check off on our "TO DO" list.

This morning, the Department of Public Works is installing two bike racks downtown, one at the corner of Court and Main and the other at the corner of Liberty and Main.

The racks were donated by Harding Development, the owners of Liberty Square (home of It's Only Natural Market) and Riverview Center (Amici's, etc.).

One step closer to making downtown bike-friendly. Thanks to all who made this possible!


John Elmore said...

Hurray--wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

These racks are great! The simple design blends in well on Main street, and functionally they allow plenty of room to easily lock a bike. I racked my bike for many hours and felt it was both secure and out of the way - not the usual worries I have had locking to a sign, a parking meter, or a handrail.

Yes, thank you to all who made this downtown improvement!