Monday, July 27, 2009

Simmons to Visit Buttonwood Tree Salon

Salon with John Killian and Fred Carroll presents a conversation with Senatorial candidate Rob Simmons, at the Buttonwood Tree, Monday July 27 at 6 PM. Simmons, a former congressman in the 2nd district is a Republican candidate in a race for the seat held by incumbent Chris Dodd.

The Buttonwod Tree is located at 605 Main Street.


Anonymous said...

Simmons was a lousy Congressman who got absolutely nothing done for Middletown during the two years he represented us.

Robert said...

Here, here! And what a disaster it would be to send another Republican (like Lieberman, despite his protestations to the contrary) to the Senate to help block any progress for the American people.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. All he did was save a few thousand jobs at Electric Boat. Lousy Congressman!

NOBO said...

Robert is correct.The last thing we need is another Republican in Congress to put a halt to this dream ride we are on now.
Ed, would you please lend Robert your "We inherited it from Bush" card? I think he's ready to use it now.