Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What I Did On My Summer Vacation, Part 2

Thanks to the two readers who have submitted photos/stories of the things they've done on summer vacation. Frankly, I was hoping for a broader response. One reader suggested that people are shy about informing the public when they'll be away from home due to all the recent break-ins. Certainly, a post-vacation anecdote or photo is certainly acceptable.

But let me try another focus. An additional request for wonderful things you discover in your journeys that you think might work well in Middletown - a kind of restaurant, a performance space, a riverfront development, an approach to transit, a type of retail, an interplay between town and gown. And don't limit yourself to these suggestions. If you find something great that Middletown ought to have let us know.

Vacation photos, stories and brainstorms to: mieyeed@gmail.com.

And while you are gone, we wish you were here.


Michael Nelson said...

This isn't exactly what you were asking for, but I think it is close to the spirit.

I would love to see a big theater, or theater + film, festival here in Middletown. When we lived on the West Coast, we loved going to Ashland's Oregon Shakespeare Festival or Cedar City's Utah Shakespeare Festival (links below). Both take place in small towns with universities willing to help host these events. Both have won Tony Awards. I can only imagine that they bring a lot of positive things to both the communities and the universities. I haven't seen anything quite like them out here yet.



Jen Alexander said...

Love this idea, and it's a natural for Middletown, considering our film pedigree (i.e. Hollywood's "Wesleyan mafia".)

I know that some people have been brainstorming about a local film festival for at least a few years...but I haven't heard any progress recently, and it's a fairly rotten time to start new arts initiatives since it is getting harder to find corporate sponsors (though I agree this would be a great boon for local tourism/economic development). Stephen Allison, the city's arts coordinator, probably knows more about whether there are any current efforts toward this idea.

Anonymous said...

I love living in Middletown, but here is my wish list:

-A hip, retro bowling alley
-A book store that stayed open late
-An independent movie theatre
-A farmers market on Saturday mornings (I grew up in a town that has a market every Wednesday and Saturday, from the first Saturday in May through the Wednesday before Thanksgiving)
-More green space – Keep Maromas Natural
-Kayak, canoe rentals down by Harbor Park
-A place for trash on Main Street other than in front of the businesses

Anonymous said...

Russell Library is planning an international film festival for this fall. It might be a building block or stepping off point for an expanded annual. I think that it should have a theme of some sort:
Wes Alums;
New England films;
showcase of ct tax credit films;

Anonymous said...

Not everyone can afford a summer vacation. If I ever can, I'll be sure to send pictures.

Anonymous said...

I believe in appreciating what we do have. Summer vacation doesn't always mean taking an expensive trip. It could be right here in Middletown. You could consider it vacation time if you find the time to experience a walk or swim at Wadsworth Falls, an ice from Vecchitto's, a day trip, a walk along the river at Harbor Park, an event at the library, or any of the other things Middletown has to offer. in other words, live in the moment and what you have, rather than focusing on what you do not have. I believe that this is the whole point of soliciting the vacation stories.

Middletown Eye (Ed McKeon) said...

Actually, the point is not to denigrate what we do have, but to look outside of ourselves to discover what other good ideas are out there.

It'd be nice to think that someone, someday would consider Middletown a destination for a vacation.

As for the many who cannot afford to leave town, I think some stay-cation posts would be lovely.