Friday, July 10, 2009

Go Green, but Get off Our Lawn!

Apparently the lush green space Midfield Corporation property on  Broad Street in downtown Middletown is off limits to citizens wishing to enjoy lunch outside. Today 3 of my fellow co-workers - 2 playing frisbee and 1 reading during their lunch hour, where kicked out of the green space. They were told by a Midfield employee- wearing a Midfield shirt- that "we [Midfield employees] take great pride in our lawns." and that they needed to leave immediately. This person went on to mention that "NO sitting, reading, eating, playing etc was permitted".  This rule is also extended to Midfield employees and businesses renting spaces for their employees in the parking garage. The unidentified Midfield employee went on to say that this pride in the lawn included the use of pesticides and other manicuring procedures to ensure that green space's beauty. Apparently, even though these individuals enjoying the space were in no way destructive to this privately owned lot, however non-fenced property, FYI the beauty of which must be observed only from a far.  

* a response to those comments saying well its private property:  Yes I agree. But
For a corporate neighbor that holds community events in this lot- it sends the message that the community is welcome there when and if they say so- it just seems like a misguided approach- proving when there is audience, the community is welcome-


Anonymous said...


What's the use then?

What a lousy corporate neighbor!


Anonymous said...

You said it youself: "...privately owned lot...". My yard isn't fenced. Does that mean anyone can decide to play frisbee or sit and read? I don't think so.

Madam Nirvana said...


For a corporate neighbor that holds community events
in this lot- it sends the message that the community is welcome there when and if they say so- it just seems like a misguided approach- proving when there is an audience people are welcome-


BC3 said...

by the looks of that unnaturally green and single-grass-species populated lawn I think the last thing anyone should do is eat near it. The amount of chemicals and pesticides it takes to make a lawn look like that is pretty nasty. It is pretty hilarious to go to all that work and then tell someone not to sit on it though, but it's about what I'd expect. The comparison to a home lawn doesn't really cut it for me either.

Madam Nirvana said...

BC3- thank you for the insight! Thats a good point about the food- I had not thought of that-gross

I can see both sides of chasing kids off at night for loitering in the front plaza area of the Midfield building,especially skate boarders (vandalism, damage, liability etc). I was one of those loiters once upon a time. But the back lawn when its sunny always perplexed me. (shrugs)

And I am told the classical music pumped into the plaza is an attempt to keep "riff raff" out & deter crime. Although, personally I think it attracts people to being outside. European countries have experimented using high pitch noises at only frequencies youth can hear to shoo them away, kind of cruel.
It will be interesting to see if Midfield develops this lot.

On a different tangent regarding Middletown's public parks & streets downtown (ex. Spear Park)- I would think it would better to want them populated- people loitering are the eyes and ears of an area- Couldn't preventing secluded places (with people, & openness) from developing could deter crime as well?

Anonymous said...

Aside from BC3's apparent horticultural prowess,has the application of "nasty" chemicals been observed firsthand?

Anonymous said...

Why do you assume that MidField owns that land?

Check the deed - there is more going on with that plot than the MiddleOakies would like you to know!

Mr. Fixit said...

Re: Anonymous Comment at 10:11pm;
PLEASE, tell us more and don't leave us hanging like that. ThanX, Mr. Fixit

Anonymous said...

Right On BC3! and why is anon @8pm questioning the pesticide application when it was written earlier in a post that the MidField Corp employee told people outright about it? pesticides - and a lawn that is only for appearances - Not something to be proud of!!!

Anonymous said...

What an inconceivable idea-having a nice lawn strictly for it's appearance! Most people keep their lawns nice in hopes that strangers from all over would picnic, party, or walk their dogs on them. How uncivil the idea of private property! Karl Marx must be turning in his grave.Does Anonymous 11:20 open his/her yard to the general public for social events? In no time the Midfield property would be trashed.But that's really not the frightening thought here. The fact that ANYONE is being admonished for owning property is scary.We are losing enough rights to our Socialist government as it is.(P.S.-Unless you are Dan Rather, quoting "unidentified" sources doesn't fly.Also the "source" still didn't mention what sort of pesticides were used. There are organic ones. Guilty until proven innocent still applies (for now).

Anonymous said...

We should be thanking Midfield for maintaining this property. We should be thanking them for opening it up to the public for events as they deem proper. We should be after Middletown's Economic Developement Committee to make this into a park. That where our outrage should be focused.