Monday, July 13, 2009

Opinions Wanted for City Plan of Development

Last week's many comments on the RFP for Maromas were extremely interesting. For anyone who missed it, I would recommend taking a look at it. What I wondered, while reading the article a few days after it was posted, was whether any of those contributing an opinion on this topic have made their opinions on this or any other topic known to the Planning and Zoning commission taking public input on the (currently being revised) Middletown Plan of Conservation & Development? I must say, were the 5-6 people who spoke up involved in any of the Input Sessions over the past several months, we'd now have a very clear vision of what to do with at least, undeveloped land in Maromas.

Not having yet met some of those Maromas commentors, I feel I should personally extend an invitation for any of them to call me and share their ideas about any topic related to the city plan of development. I am the commission member (Catherine Johnson) who volunteered to take comments and act as editor for the new draft. I would hate to lose the chance to include the insight of the several highly aware and articulate authors of a week ago.Please feel free to call me at my office day or evening (I'm in the book) or write to me


Anonymous said...

Catherine Johnson facilitated a number of very interesting and thought provoking public sessions regarding future development of Middletown. Those of us who attended were treated to innovative thinking and some lively discussion - many thanks to Catherine for taking the lead on this very important issue; the future of Middletown and its vibrancy.

Judy said...

Thank you for this opportunity. First off, can you explain why this land has to be developed, and why it can't just remain as is? Thanks!

Bill Maune said...

Hi Catherine,
Maybe that would be a good area to have a "Historic Middletown" area.

Anonymous said...

They wouldn't let the Army do anything why anybody else? It was probably really an anti-Army issue.