Thursday, July 16, 2009

Larry McHugh Named Chair of the UConn Board of Trustees

Governor Rell announced Thursday that she has selected Larry McHugh to be the new Chairman of the University of Connecticut Board of Trustees. In a press release, Rell said, "Larry McHugh has been a legendary - and legendarily successful - educator, business leader and community leader in our state for decades."

McHugh was released as a football player in 1962 from the New York Titans, an American Football League franchise. He then taught biology, history, physical science, physical education and driver education, as well as coaching football at Xavier High School. His Xavier football teams were legendary, compiling a 160-38-7 record, including a Connecticut record of 34 consecutive wins, during his 21 years as coach. In 1983 he took the job of President of the Middletown-based Middlesex Chamber of Commerce.

This is a promotion of sorts for McHugh, who has served as Chairman of the Connecticut State University System Board of Trustees. Rell said, "In more than a quarter of a century with the CSU system, Larry has helped to bring about a true renaissance in a four-campus network that serves tens of thousands of students every year - almost all of them from Connecticut."


Anonymous said...

What a travesty. A football coach who developed a new career as a cheerleader for irresponsible development in Middlesex County is going to lead the State University system.

man of town said...

Larry McHugh has done some very good things in Middlesex County and Middletown the past 25 years. I applaud the University of Connecticut on making Larry the Chair of the Board or Trustees. Bravo