Monday, July 20, 2009

Armed Robbery Saturday Night on Newfield Street Store

From The Middletown Police Department

On Saturday night, at approx 10:35pm, Middletown Police received a report of an armed robbery that occurred at 221 Newfield St., Middletown, the M MART convenience store. The initial report indicated that two African-American males robbed the store utilizing a handgun and then fled the area. Patrol units immediately responded and began an initial investigation and canvassed the area for the suspects.

It was reported that the two suspects entered the store and walked towards the rear. One was described as a large built, dark-skinned male, approx. 6’3” and 250 lbs., wearing a long sleeved, light colored, button down shirt and jeans. He was described as being in possession of a smaller black handgun. The second suspect was described as a 6’0” lighter skinned male approx. 190 lbs., slender build, wearing a light colored t-shirt and plaid pants and a du-rag type headwear.

The Middletown Police Department’s Detective Bureau was contacted and responded to the scene. After an investigation it was revealed that at approx. 10:35 pm, the two suspects entered the store and appeared to be grabbing items from the water cooler. One customer left and another female customer entered the store and waited to purchase an item from the attendant.

One suspect approached the female customer from behind and violently placed her into a headlock so she could not move. He then made demands for the attendant to place all of the money from the drawer into a plastic bag. As this occured, the other suspect pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the attendant's head. Both suspects demanded money as well as cigarettes from the attendant.

The attendant obeyed the orders and at that time a male customer enters the store and interrupts the robbery. The dark skinned suspect then pointed the handgun at the male customer and ordered him to an area in the store behind where the incident took place. That customer obeyed the orders and both the attendant and male customer are held at gunpoint by the suspect. The female was held in a headlock hold with her face being pushed down towards the floor.

The suspect holding the woman ordered her to empty her pocket book and several personal items were taken from her. The victims and witness were then ordered to get onto the floor and not to say anything. The suspects managed to get away with two bags of an undetermined amount of money and quantity of cigarettes. They then fled from the store on foot and apparently got into a white colored four door vehicle that was waiting for them outside the store on the corner of Newfield St. and Westfield St. The vehicle then fled north on Newfield St.

The store’s video surveillance system was able to catch the robbery on tape and it is being analyzed by the Detective Bureau. Still photos were captured and the Middletown Police Department is requesting that the public assists in trying to identify the brazen robbery suspects. They are considered to be armed and very dangerous.

Any citizen that may have been in the area of Newfield and Westfield St. during that time and may have witnessed any of the suspects or get away vehicle are urged to contact the Middletown Police Department with any information regarding the incident. The description of the vehicle may be that of a white Nissan Altima (or similar type vehicle).

At this time it is believed that the suspects may have been from out of town and were possibly fleeing to the Hartford area after the robbery.

If you have information, please call the Middletown Police Department (860) 344-3200


use real descriptions said...

How do you know they are African Americans? Couldn't they be Jamacian or from another country not of african descent? I never knew African American to be a description. Black males would be the proper description. Lets not be so worried about political correctness.

Anonymous said...

How do YOU know Jamaicans are NOT of African descent?

use real descriptions said...

your missing the point.

Anonymous said...

Use real is right. These guys could be one of those roving gangs of Jamaicans that have been terrorizing the city all these years!

use real descriptions said...

All I'm saying is if the suspects are black, call them black. If they're white, call them white. Get it? Probably not. And this is the first time I have heard about a roving Jamaican gang roving the city.

Anonymous said...

Both the terms 'black male' and 'African American male' are culturally coded. Neither can be privileged as a 'real description.' (I've certainly never seen a person who was actually 'white' or 'black'.)

Perhaps we could go with 'males with dark brown skin and black hair'? (But then again, did anyone actually check to see if they were definitely male?)

Jane Harris said...

I found it interesting that in Haiti, all foreigners are referred to as "Blancs" -- a visitor from Africa, regardless of his or her skin color, would be called a blanc. (As far as I know, the Haitian Kreole would not refer to a female as a blanche....but I don't know very much.) So Bill Clinton, someitmes referred to as our first black president, is just a blanc there, but one hopes he will do a lot of good anyway.

Anonymous said...

In these times of gender awareness, anonymous 3:46 makes a valid objection. Would "person of color" be an acceptable description? Was it someone in Horton the elephant's "Whoville" who observed that , "A person's a person, no matter how small"? Let's add ..."no matter how small, what color or gender", for accurate police reporting!