Friday, September 26, 2008

What they're saying about Cucia Park

The Army Corps of Engineers has solicited public comments about parcels of land they are considering for an Army Reserve Training Center in Middletown.

The presumptively leading site is Cucia Park, a pocket park on Smith Street adjacent to a large corporate and industrial park, and I-91, has gotten the most in the way of commentary on the ACE site.

The comments on the park range from informative:

The army has repeatedly demonstrated with their actions that their goal is to build an enormous building and parking lot on pristine, open space, and in return take away from the Middletown the tax revenue that we would receive otherwise. Cucia Park offers Middletown a chance to avoid the loss of pristine open space and the loss of tax revenue.

There is legitimate debate about whether Middletown is required by law to be the host for this Army facility. However, if that debate resolves itself in a way that forces Middletown to host another government facility, Cucia Park is BY FAR the least bad site for the military training facility.

To the hilarious:

I am coming around to recognizing the benefits of this site for Middletown:

1. Destroys habitat necessary for gentlemen requiring clandestine sexual encounters. (An adaptable species, they will soon find a new place to proliferate.)

2. Probably preserves the little pond. (Get rid of the fish. They are too predatory.)

To the official sanction (more on this in a post tomorrow):

Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission

On September 24, 2008 the all-elected Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission endorsed the Cucia Park site with five (5) members voting in favor and one (1) opposed. The Commission recognized that the area has been planned for industrial development for many years. The site is in an industrial zone and has easy access to non-residential roads and the interstate highway system. The Commission felt that locating the facility at Cucia Park represented sound land use planning.

At any rate, the comment period ends on September 29, so comment while you can.


Anonymous said...

It's outragous to turn a public park over to development. Let the Army purchase private property. The revised Boardman Road property is certainlt suitable.

Anonymous said...

It does set a bad precedent.