Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eye M - Dining Out

Every once in awhile you eat something that tastes like home and brings back long forgotten memories.  That happened to me last night.  Reminded by Jen Alexander's Eye article on Main Street last week, my family tried the new taqueria in town.

Iguana Ranos has been serving  tacos for the last couple of months and oh, how I wish that I had been eating their tamales since day one.  I grew up in a community with a large Mexican immigrant population and one of my favorite hangouts growing up was a mom and pop taqueria.  The food I had last night tasted like home to me.  

Iquana Ranos serves a tamale with flavor to match my memories.... spiced right pork surrounded by corn meal dough and steamed in a corn husk.  I also had the best gordita (home made thick  tortilla)  I have ever had.  If you are adventuresome, try the lenqua (tongue) tacos - all tacos are $2 and I recommend the onion and cilantro topping.  The couple sitting next to us said they had been there often in the last couple of weeks and they loved the Beef (barbacoa) and chicken tacos with verde (green) sauce.  

Iquano Ranaos has only three tables and row of bar stools - so get there early or plan on take out. This is not a fine dining experience with ambiance but it is authentic and if you have never had anything but the dumbed down version Mexican food we usually find in Connecticut, be ready for the real thing.  Prices are more than reasonable, ranging from $2 to $8.  

Owner, Polo Martinez and staff were very friendly and ready to help the public understand the menu and make special orders.  Iquana Ranos is across from the new Its only Natural grocery store at 524 Main St.   


Anonymous said...

mmm.... the food sounds great!

And I had no idea that this place had opened - thanks for the review.

Anonymous said...

I believe you have reported the name incorrectly. It should be "Iguanas y Ranas".

Anonymous said...

Please don't tell anyone else about this place. It's starting to get crowded.