Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eye M- Cooking

I've heard from many of the Eye readers that they are looking to eat better and fresher and somehow do that by spending less.  Here's a recipe for tasty, cheap, quick, good for you eats.  Delicious juicy curried turkey burgers can be had by mixing ground turkey with grated carrot, chopped peanuts and curry powder.    Pan fry or grill the burgers and serve with or without bun.   We had these last night with sauteed vegetables, simmered in a curry sauce,  served over rice. Many different vegetables work for this but yesterday I sauteed sliced cauliflower, chopped tomatoes (from my garden) and chopped cooked potato. To the sauteed vegetables add Korma simmer sauce or other jarred curry sauce (mine came from Trader Joes)  and simmer a few minutes to get the flavors to blend. For my vegetarian friends the curried vegetables can be a meal in itself.   Thanks to my daughter for the turkey burger recipe and to my Tibetan friends for inspiring the vegies in curry sauce.   

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Anonymous said...

My family and guests loved the recipes you posted this summer, so I am definitely going to try this one! Thanks!