Friday, September 5, 2008

Cucia park for the army?

An announcement from the City, analysis and commentary to follow later:

The City of Middletown is pleased to announce that it has offered to the Army the sale of the city-owned Cucia Park as a site for the Army Training Facility. The City believes this site has enormous potential.

1. The site is located on Smith Street at the southern end of Industrial Park Road. The land was acquired in the 1960s for economic development from the MacDonnell Brick Company. The total park area is 36 acres.

2. Cucia Park is bounded by Rte 91 (east), Smith St. (north), industrial development (west) and a CL&P transmission line (south). The park is zoned industrial and the Army facility traffic will not travel through residential neighborhoods. The park has I-91 access from both the north and south. Travel to the site is by way of I-91, Exit 21, Industrial Park Road(north), I-91, Exit 20, Middle St (south). The site is located on an existing bus route.

3. Cucia Park has fallen into disrepair and limited community use because of its isolated location and overgrowth.

4. The site is located in an industrial area where water and sewer lines are adjacent to the property.

5. The CT Department of Environmental Protection Natural Diversity Database does not show any species of special concern present at or near the site. The site does have some areas of erosion due to storm water runoff from I-91. The site has two ponds and a stream that runs parallel along the west side of the property. The ponds and stream will add significantly to the aesthetic setting of the site plan.

6. The site is sloped toward the eastern end of the property. The steepest portion of the slope is near I-91.

7. The Westfield Fire Department and State of Connecticut Public Safety complex are both in close proximity to the site.

The Mayor and advisory panel believe Cucia Park offers enormous potential for the Army and city residents. The advisory panel continues to evaluate five (5) potential sites (Pratt and Whitney, CL&P at River Road, Manthay Property, Bysiewicz Property, Cucia Park) but believes Cucia Park is unique because of its location. The City will work expeditiously to move the process of site identification forward quickly to meet the Army's deadlines for identification of potential sites, public outreach and necessary approvals. We are excited about the working relationship between the Mayor, the advisory panel and Army. The Army appreciates the suggestions and input they've received from the Mayor's advisory panel and the community. The next public meeting is planned for 17 September 2008, at a location to be determined, which the Army will publicize in The Middletown Press and The Middletown Eye.


joseph getter said...

I'd really much rather see the Army rehabilitate a brownfield, rather than clear a forested parcel.

Anonymous said...

Seems sad to use a park. Couldn't they rehab Mile Lane? What about Rentschler Field? Or, better yet, the Army can make do with the facilities they already occupy and give up this massive "consolidation" which will actually be less convenient for everyone. Where are those Bysiewicz(!) and Manthay properties?

Anonymous said...

This is a great solution, doesnt impact anyones home, cars are on and off the highway, we dont lose any taxes and the Army can build a very attractive facility.

As for a park, just go take a look at it, illegal goings on at all hours of the day..

Anonymous said...

Out of Maromas and not on Boardman Lane, good job Mayor...on the other sites lets make sure were not helping one Bysiewicz politically and helping her cousin enrich himself as he clears more land for houses..

Anonymous said...

Barking up the right trees?

Wow, Cucia Park has just been discovered as a good site for an Army Base! The Mayor could not have thought this up on his own. Doggone it, why the heck didn't Bill Warner discover it about a year ago? Hhhmmm, maybe some other neglected City Park will be conveniently discovered soon. Who needs 'em. They are neglected! I truly believe there may be another one or two out there! Let's all start looking. Well, at least the proceeds will go into the General Fund of the wise leaders of Middletown. Maybe they will be able to maintain some neglected City Park...

Pardon me. I need to relieve myself on a hydrant.

Jasper Cane

Middletown Eye (Ed McKeon) said...

I wish you'd abandon the comments section and volunteer as an author Jasper Cane. I like reading your posts more than most anything on this newsblog.

Anonymous said...

This is just a shame! We just keep destroying more and more woods,fields and farms for development. Here's a thought...How about leaving it alone for a change and using an old industrial site! Those woods are never going to return and I'm sick and tired of seeing wildlife being pushed around for our sake. My wife and I are hunters and it just floors us to see how little people/ developers seem to care about wildlife! No hunting is allowed on that site which is fine with us being such a small park but at least the wildlife have a place left to live instead of the medians between I91 North and South! Come on Mayor!! Step up and push for something not being used as a park!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A neglected park is far better than no park at all. We should stop this insane paving of every remaining privately owned piece of property. It leads to a degraded environment locally, regionally and nationally. We share our environment with wild life and forests. It is our responsibility to respect our surroundings today and preserve what we can for the future.