Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sewers, site remediation and sister cities

There was a touch of melancholy at tonight's Common Council meeting with the return of Councilman Tom Serra who has been at the beside of his son for several weeks after his son was severely injured in an auto accident. Serra thanked fellow Councilors, municipal officials and the support he received from Middletown residents.

In another warm and emotional ceremony, the city welcomed visitors from sister city Melilli, I

Then it was down to the business of debating expenditures for sewer and water line improvements, and for the approval of a resolution providing the Army with preliminary site plans for a new fire station, and regional fire training center on the former Nike base site on Mile Lane. In addition, the Council debated the proposed Parking Study, which includes expenditure on a improved Melilli Plaza parking lot, an expanded municipal parkade.

The sewer and water resolution passed with the expenditure to appear on a town referendum in November.

The parking study funding also passed, with a robust objection by Councilman David Bauer who explained that building a parking garage, considering the problems with fossil fuel that we face, is solving a problem of the past.

Finally, the Council passed a resolution to deliver a proposal to the Federal Government, the Army and the Department of Homeland Security to build a fire station, fire training center, dispatch center and animal shelter on the site. This resolution, of course, is evidence that city leaders would oppose the use of the former Nike site as a location for an Army Reserve Training Center.

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