Friday, September 19, 2008

Eye M - Shopping

Yesterday, I finally visited the Book Bower, our new used book store on the lower level of the Main Street Market in downtown Middletown.  What fun!  Shopping online pales in comparison to the pleasure of perusing  a book store.  After spending 30 minutes checking out what treasures could be found, I spent the $4 in my pocket on a recent NY Times best seller in paperback.  I saw books for children and young readers priced at $1.50 and hard cover novels for $10.  In general, books are priced at 50% off the cover price.  If you want to get the price of purchase even lower, bring in your gently used books for trade.  The Book Bower will give you credit equal to 25% of the cover price of your books.  You can use that credit to take 50% off the Book Bower labeled price.  In other words, if you have a $5 credit, you can purchase a $10 book for $5.  

Thanks Ed, for writing about this new business in the Middletown Eye when it opened last month.  Look for me next week to be back at the Book Bower with my trade ins in hand.


madamnirvana said...

This is a great addition to town! I have gotten many great books there.
The book store takes some text books, but not all-I found the internet useful to buy & sell text books - is the best.


Topher Polack said...

The folks at Book Bower were friendly and courteous. They have a growing selection of fine books.