Thursday, September 25, 2008

Klezmer Fusion at Wes Friday and Saturday

Clarinetist David Krakauer takes the stage at Crowell Concert Hall on the Wesleyan campus tomorrow evening to present a concert which will range from a set of solo classical pieces to a full-band performance with Klezmer Madness!

Krakauer is a licorice-stick virtuoso who is comfortable playing in a wide-ranging and diverse set of styles including classical chamber music, Eastern European Jewish klezmer music and avant-garde improvisation.

A klezmer jam takes place at the World Music Hall on the Wesleyan campus at 7 pm Friday, admission free. On Saturday, a ticketed concert begins at 8 pm and tickets are available through the Wesleyan Box Office. The Saturday concert will be preceded at 7:15 by a pre-concert talk with Wesleyan Professor of Music, Mark Slobin

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wyldeone said...

Actually, tomorrow at 7pm is a klezmer jam with David Krakauer. The actual concert is 8pm saturday.