Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Only Natural

As most of you probably know, It’s Only Natural has moved into the new building up in the north end from its old space in the Main Street Market. Now that it has moved, It’s Only Natural Market has more store space space and parking. Here’s your guide to the all new It’s Only Natural Market!

The old It’s Only Natural had 4500 square feet, but the new building has 6000. Thanks to this increase in space, most of the product lines there have been expanded. I was informed that the new store has some new brands, but mainly they have expanded on what they already stocked. Also, the gluten free section has been increased greatly to several shelves.

Also, there are plans to include a coffee and juice bar, but it is not fully functional at this time.

Also in the Works: A bike rack! I have been assured by authorities at It’s Only Natural that a bike rack somewhere outside the store is in the near future! also, there are plans to have tables outside the store for eating sandwiches and other baked goods that will be sold inside.

The hours have also changed.
Mon-Fri 9-7
Sat 9-6

It’s Only Natural hasn't had an official “grand opening” but I've been informed that there will be one in October, and when I get more information I’ll post the date.

-Pearse Pinch

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Judy Konopka said...

Thanks for letting us know about new ventures in Middletown. I hope ION is successful in their new location. They have been a mainstay in Middletown for many years and the owners are great people.