Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hitting the road to register voters

(Avivah Malin prepares to register voters with her dad, Yonaton)

Supporters of Barack Obama gathered Saturday to walk the neighborhoods of Middletown registering voters for the fall election.

Alex Lopez, director of the campaign for Matt Lesser, candidate for state representative, addressed the volunteers and indicated that more than 50 volunteers had signed up for the effort.

(Obama campaigner, Pia Pyles instructs volunteers)

While Middletown residents like Yonaton Malin, and his daughter Avivah, and Jonathan Vinci were anxious to help the voter drive, the registration drive also drew volunteers from New Haven, West Hartford, Tolland and Wethersfield among other Connecticut towns.

Vinci, who recently moved back to town from Nevada, said that this election was crucial, and that he had already worked on voter registration efforts in Las Vegas. He's worked on campaing efforts since a Middletown High School History teacher, Mr. Bransfield, convinced him of the importance of political involvement.

Avivah is an Obama supporter who said, "It's important to get as many people to vote as possible." He's already worked on registration efforts in New Hampshire.

Phoebe Boyer, from New Haven, volunteered because she considers Barack Obama, "the best candidate I've seen in my adult life."

Matt Lesser hopes the registration of new voters will encourage Middletown voters to consider voting for a new candidate, who is addressing the issues.

"My Republican opponent just released a mailing to all registered voters, and it avoids the issues, and concentrates on personality," he said. "I'm hoping a door to door effort, in which we discuss the issues will counter the name-calling."

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