Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Governor Rell is very pleased

After her staff met on Tuesday afternoon with Col. Keith Landry (Commander of the Louisville Division of the Army Corps), Governor Rell announced that the Army will restart the process of selecting a site in Middletown for a new Armed Forces Reserve Center (AFRC).  The facility will require a smaller footprint, as a result of the Governor's announcement that the 250th Engineering Company would remain in its current location.
I am very pleased the Army will begin anew the process of selecting a site for this center, which we need for the citizen-soldiers of our Reserve and National Guard.  The Army has given me their assurances that the process will be open and collaborative, and will involve both officials from Middletown and the area’s legislative delegation. That is everything we could have asked for and I am truly appreciative of the Corps of Engineers’ willingness to work with us on this issue.  (Governor Rell)
Matt Fritz, in the Governor's office, emphasized that the Army was committed to making the new site selection as open as possible "within their guidance and their rules," and would even stretch the rules as much as possible to "get folks engaged, so that they end up with a site that is workable for everyone."  The governor did not specify which "officials" from Middletown would be involved in the process. Perhaps this will be made clear at the meeting in Middletown Tuesday evening.  Governor Rell is unable to attend this meeting.

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