Saturday, August 30, 2008

Westfield Falls

One of Connecticut’s most beautiful waterfalls is a little-known gem right here in Middletown. Westfield Falls is visible from I91 North between exits 20 and 21 (although you have to look carefully). To access it on foot, go to the sharp curve in Miner Street, where there is a parking spot next to a nice picnic area. Hike down the trail leading from the picnic area. The falls are straight ahead. To get to the bottom of the falls you can take a small trail leading off to the left from the parking area
The falls has a height of 26 feet, and consists of an upper and a lower section. Westfield Falls is part of same stream that crosses Country Club Road near Smith Park. This stream, called Fall Brook, goes underneath I91 and eventually joins with the Mattabesset River.


Lieutponz said...

Westfield Falls is truly a diamond in the rough. From what I understand, locals used to call Miner Street "Falls Road" for obvious reasons...A rather dicey parking area and some likewise dicey characters who frequent the falls from time-to-time need to be addressed and we could really have a nice little gem on our hands. The city should consider spending a few bucks to clean it up and monitor it a little more aggressively with our city's "finest".

J. G. Coleman said...

I finally managed to get out to these waterfalls this year... what a sight! They were especially impressive in the early weeks of Spring when Fall Brook was inundated. Admittedly, I was rather angered to see graffiti on the cliff faces beside the falls; it is truly a shame to see our state's natural treasures used as cheap billboards by vandals. Nonetheless, this is rather remarkable place. Perhaps just as interesting is the degree to which even locals are unaware of its existence, even though you can clearly see the waterfalls from I-91!

Anonymous said...

I would think to be considered a "fall" you WOULD need an upper and lower section.