Thursday, August 28, 2008

In your cups

I really hate to start a new semester as the neighborhood scold, but for some reason, this really irks me.

Wesleyan students have begun to trickle back to campus, and get-to-know-you, and great-to-be-back parties have already spilled from the frats to the streets. The evidence: plastic red beer cups.

On my walk down High Street this morning, I noticed dozens of scattered red plastic cups up and down a few blocks between William and Court Streets. I have no worry that Wesleyan grounds crews will clean up the cups, as they always do.

What bugs me is that some Wes students, who are otherwise so enlightened, so environmentally-concerned, so well-educated, and so socially-conscious, can be so inconsiderate as to drop the cups in the first place, knowing that someone else will have to pick them up.

So here's the challenge, Wes students:

- When you drink from a plastic cup, find an appropriate receptacle in which to dispose it
- Lobby the university to have more trash barrels (and maybe recycle bins) around campus
- Organize a cleaning party after each of your parties so someone else doesn't have to clean up you mess.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post - you are not the only one who is irked by the red plastic cups. I, too, wonder how such 'enlightened' students can just toss their cups for someone else to clean up.

Anonymous said...

People should not throw trash on the ground.Anyone who sees trash on the ground should pick it up. The less trash on the ground, the better!