Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rell to visit HS today

News and commentary.

Governor Jodi Rell will be visiting the new Middletown High School today at 12:30 pm today, particularly to view the energy components.
[UPDATE, 11:59 AM on Wednesday: Governor Rell has cancelled this trip to Middletown.  The Governors' office did not provide a reason and did not know if the trip would be rescheduled for a later date.]

Though I'm forced to read between the lines in this morning's news reports (I'm in Maine on vacation), it's seems evident that Rell is the force behind a continued search for a site for the Army Reserve Training Center in Middletown. Perhaps her High School visit is a good time to pepper her with questions about why she downsized the site size so the search could remain in Middletown, and why she hasn't appeared at a single one of the meetings on the topic. And finally, we might ask, why Middletown should bear the brunt of another tax-free facility when the state (that's you Governor Rell), has not paid the PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes), to Middletown for all of the state facilities here. As Commander-in-chief of the Connecticut Guard forces, she was able to downsize the site plan, certainly she could redirect a search to a town where the facility would fit better, or insist that it be build on a brownfield site.

Remind me, do we have a Republican mayor?

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