Sunday, August 24, 2008

New bookstore on Main Street opens

The Book Bower has opened in Main Street Market.

Linda Bower’s book store is now open on the lower level of Main Street Market. This is exciting news for Middletown not only because we have gained another independent book store, but also because the Book Bower is a green business! The Book Bower buys and sells used books, which is a form of recycling and waste reduction in itself. In addition to that the store owner Linda Bower has made green business a priority by installing carpeting made out of recycled plastic bottles and obtaining web hosting from a server powered by wind energy. This sets a wonderful example for Middletown, as does our support when we patronize the Book Bower and other green businesses. Use your buying power to support green enterprises in Middletown.

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Get there early for the pre-meeting meeting, or stay late for post-meeting meeting, or just come to the meeting meeting!