Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Young Ladies with Bows in their Hands

The Kane Sisters, as you can see, both play fiddles. When they were growing up, Yvonne (on the left) played at home while Liz (on the right) traveled throughout their native Ireland entering competitions and winning awards. Neither one wanted to play as a solo artist so they decided that, since they enjoyed playing together so much in their home, they'd "hit the road" as a duo.

The duo spent 4 years with Sharon Shannon and her Woodchoppers Band, a gig that gave the young artists the opportunity to see the world and make their recorded debut. In 2002, the decision was made to go their own way and, ever since, they have been entertaining audiences home and abroad with their repertoire of jigs, waltzes, and reels drawn from the traditions of the County Galway and County Sligo areas of Ireland.

Jodi Cormack is a musician (guitar and mandolin) as well as a vocalist. In the 1970s, she performed in a duo with guitarist Tom Ross and then came to Wesleyan to study ethnomusicology with flautist-vocalist-educator T. Viswanathan (1927-2002) and, later, became his wife. Over the past several years, Jodi has been presenting concerts in her living room. To find out more about this show and future presentations, email her at jcormack@wesleyan.edu or call 860-346-4422.

(photo courtesy of Jeff Meade at www.irishphiladelphia.com)

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