Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hobnobbing on the mansion lawn

I arrived with my sons at the annual Open Air Market and Festival at the Wadsworth Mansion only to find that after a week of vacation in Maine, my camera battery was dead.

Thank goodness for a phone with a lousy camera built in (or is it a camera with a lousy phone built in).

This annual event is always one of my favorites, but has been a rain attractor for the past couple of years. Despite the arrival of a few ominous clouds late in the morning, the day was glorious, and people flocked to this gathering of local farmers, organic farmers, craftspeople, artists, musicians, bakers, cheesemakers and good food producers of all kinds.

I tried salsa, balsamic vinegar, jams, bread, cheese and honey, while bumping into many friends and acquaintances (several of whom were complimentary of the Eye!)

After a medley of hits from The Wizard of Oz, the boys and I found a shady spot in which to devour some Italian ice.

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