Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dirt and detritus

Day one of recycling at the Hamlin Court Factory building proceeded today with a group of community members assisting Scott Kessel in emptying the building of the waste left behind when the Wesleyan buildings and maintenance department departed.

The building is still owned by Wesleyan which has been working with Kessel, whose wish it is to turn it into artspace.

The workers help sort metal from other materials, including paper and plastic. Much of what was left behind included outdated plumbing fixtures, old fasteners and door hardware.

While the abandoned workshops seem beaten and worn, there is plenty of promise for future artspace.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! It looks like hard , dirty work. Where is this place, exactly?

Rachel said...

I'd love to talk to Scott about this project. Anyone know how I can contact him?

Anonymous said...

Is anybody reading any of this?

How about Scott, himself? No internet?