Monday, August 25, 2008

Talking to the wall on Wednesday

Duh! I feel stupid.

For a moment, I thought that this week's public opportunity to speak was going to be a real occasion during which all of our high-rolling Democratic political allies on the Army Reserve Training Center controversy would be present to hear the thoughts of the PUBLIC, along with those of the Army Corps of Engineers!

Silly me. Wrong again. Rosa Delauro, Susan Bysiewicz and Richard Blumenthal will all be in Denver at the convention, as delegates. Now it's clear why there was a meeting last week. One meeting for the important politicians, another, this week, for the public.

Hello, Jennifer, can you stick an Eye blog in front of the CT delegation on Thursday morning? Paste it to the bottom of a bowl of red, white and blue M&M's.

Sure, we'll see our town council members, Democratic and Republican, and maybe even some of our state reps, but the faces which draw the cameras (or the faces drawn to the cameras), will be at the Pepsi Center tossing confetti.


Anonymous said...

Is it more annoying that the Democratic National Convention did not get postponed so we could have somebody important listen to us, or that the US Army and Middletown did not stop all of their work until after the convention so that we could have somebody important listen to us?

Middletown Eye (Ed McKeon) said...

Good questions. When I spoke to Jen Alexander, who was sitting in the mayor's box at the convention, she asked if there was anything I wanted to relate to the CT delegation. I told her that we wanted them back here at the meeting. She said, "Oh, so it's all Army Base, all the time." I laughed at her description of my obsession.

Truth is, the meeting could have been scheduled so that all essential parties could attend, and so that it didn't conflict with a meeting of the Zoning Board.