Sunday, August 10, 2008

The week ahead Aug. 10-17

A not particularly inclusive lists of activities in the coming week. Please feel free to email ( to include your additional notices.

Special Common Council Meeting - Monday August 10, 6:30 pm, Common Council Chambers
Discussion of the Police Contract, part of which will take place behind closed doors in executive session.

Economic Development Committee Meeting, Monday August 11, 5:30 pm, Room 208 City Hall
- The renewal of the lease for Harbor Park will be discussed, as will the sale of the Remington Rand building to developer Thomas Briggs of TWB Properties. Since both agenda items are "standing items" on the committee agenda, little discussion is anticipated. The meeting will end promptly at 6:30 so board members can attend the special Common Council meeting.

Zoning Board Meeting, Wednesday August 13, 7:00 pm, Council Chambers, City Hall - Canceled

Design Review Committee Meeting, Wednesday August 13, 5:30 pm, Room 208, City Hall - During which the demolition of 13 West Silver Street will be discussed.

Garden Party, Erin Street Community Garden - Thursday August 14, 5:30 pm. To celebrate another year of successful vegetable gardening at the community plot.

Motorcycle Mania - Wednesday August 13, 5pm - A few blocks of Main Street will be closed for this annual event during which loud noises will be emitted from polished chrome pipes.

Grupo Fantasia Concert - Thursday August 14, 7-9 pm, at the Louis Lopez Herb Garden, Main Street as part of the Community Health Center Summer Concert Series.


Anonymous said...

There is a meeting monday night w/ the council regarding the police contract... see the city website for an agenda

David Bauer said...

Hats off to you Ed. I think it is hilarious that the Middletown Press doesn't announce upcoming Middletown meetings.

It is the unscheduled "Special" meetings that can fly under the radar especially.

What I still do is check the Meeting Board in the Town Clerk's office at City Hall as often as I can. Perhaps another responsible "Middletown Eye" could regularly focus on the Town Clerk's board?