Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Doings in Denver

I'm writing from the 12th floor overlooking downtown Denver -- this is our family vacation this year, gate-crashing the Democratic National Convention. It doesn't begin until next Monday, but we're here to watch the run-up, and I'll be writing about the "Doings in Denver" now and then for the Eye. Strangely, I haven't yet received my press creditials from the DNC for the convention itself, but I'm sure that's in the mail.

The city is beautiful and relatively quiet today, but we did see our first two signs of public demonstration.

First we saw a modest Anti-Choice protest set up at a major crossroads in the Cherry Creek section of Denver. This was just a few signs, but they're gearing up, I'm sure, for a more robust presence next week.

The other demonstration was more of an enviro-art installation -- this says "Missing: This much water all from one lousy running toilet in just one month. Buy a new flapper and call off the search. www.useonlywhatyouneed.org" [update: turns out this is a witty Denver water conservation movement - check out the website to see their videos of soused garden flowers demonstrating the dangers of drinking too much.]

In other news, they don't seem to have heard about the recession out here, and this post might more accurately be named "Cranes over Denver", since we saw more new construction here than I've seen back east in a Long Time.

More later.

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