Friday, August 22, 2008

Parking study news

From the office of Bill Warner, Middletown Director of Planning.

The Downtown Parking Study (posted at ) was presented at a Common Council Workshop on August 4, 2008. At that workshop Councilman David Bauer made a great suggestion. He suggested a parking map be placed on the City of Middletown website.

Rick Kearney from my office did a great job creating a Downtown Middletown Parking Map. To access the Parking Map, go to <>. Click on the Services tab and the Downtown Parking Map tab to access the Google Map.

As a service to the residents and visitors, the Parking Map was created online for easy Internet access. Mobile device users and people using the free WIFI on Main Street will be able to find parking lots on their mobile devices and computers. The Downtown Middletown Parking Map gives users the option of obtaining directions to the public parking lots.

Downtown Middletown is attracting many first time visitors to the Main Street dining and entertainment venues who need to know where they can park their vehicles. We are encouraging businesses to suggest to their customers that they use the Downtown Middletown Parking Map to get directions to their business.

This is just the first of many new ways the Downtown Middletown Parking Study will make parking and transit easier and more efficient.

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