Monday, November 2, 2015

Voting and Candidates Information

A sample ballot is HERE.
Polling stations are HERE
Look up your polling station on this complete list of streets and districts.
Look up your voting registration HERE

What follows is meant to be an idiosyncratic aggregation of information about the candidates in Tuesday's municipal election, designed to forestall the diligent voter's complaint that he or she has no idea who is even running, let alone ever heard anything about them.  The candidates are listed alphabetically, with their position on the ballot indicated.  

Mayor. Sorry, too much to list, you're on your own here.  Google is your friend.
  • Brian Clark (1D, write-in)
  • Dan Drew (1A)
  • Sandra Russo-Driska (1B)
Common Council (vote for any 8). The Courant had an overview of the Republicans and the Democrats, the Press also had an overview of the Democrats and the Republicans. Some of the candidates submitted biographies, those are linked below.
Treasurer (vote for one)
  • Quentin Phipps (10A). Incumbent
  • Emmakristina Sveen (10B). Challenger
Board of Education (vote for any five). All candidates EXCEPT Dempsey-White and Sveen appeared at the Teachers' sponsored debate. All candidates EXCEPT Alston, Cain, and Dempsey-White answered a redistricting questionnaire submitted by a parent.
Board of Assessment Appeals (vote for any two)
Planning and Zoning Commission (vote for any four)
Planning and Zoning Commission Alternate (vote for any two). An opinionated information piece on two of them is HERE.

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