Friday, November 20, 2015

City Wins McMahon Lawsuit

Below is from the Mayor's office. The Hartford Courant covered the story.
Decision Vindicates City’s Fight for Taxpayers’ Rights and Police Accountability
Statement from Mayor Daniel T. Drew: Today, New London Superior Court Judge Joseph Koletsky ruled for the City of Middletown in a lawsuit that former Acting Police Chief Patrick McMahon brought challenging my decision to terminate his employment.

Today, the court vindicated our decision to hold Mr. McMahon accountable for lying about drinking with his badge and gun on in public.

The decision ends several years of litigation that Mr. McMahon initiated after his employment was terminated in 2012. He had sued us seeking reinstatement, back wages, and payments for emotional distress. We zealously defended the charges because lying and drinking while displaying a badge and gun are so egregious that there was a moral imperative to defend the taxpayer’s rights not to have to endure that kind of conduct.

At the end of the day, it was important to protect our taxpayers and citizens and not to settle for a payout. This was about principle, and I am enormously pleased that the taxpayers and citizens had their day in court and prevailed.

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Statement from Attorney Mike Rose: We have been confident from day one, and we are very happy that our confidence was well placed. When you have solid and credible leadership from Mayor Drew and Chief McKenna, it makes our jobs easier. This was a good win and a good day for Middletown.

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Anonymous said...

Oh please this is not about accountability drinking with badge/gun. If that were the case McKenna with his history wouldn't be still employed. Not that Mcmouth didn't deserve this fate but please double d don't feed us your BS.