Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Board of Education, Planning and Zoning, Treasurer, Board of Assessment Appeals

With 11 of 14 districts reporting

Quentin Phipps2567
Emmakristina Sveen1453

Board of assessment appeals
Aristia Partiss2518
Kathy Adams2807
Dina Gagliardi Ford1927
Ryan Kennedy2258
Planning and Zoning
Daniel Russo2840
Richard Pelletier2670
Joyce Rossitter2584
Ben Florsheim2458
Molly Salafia2196
Bill Wilson2077
Ken McClellan2073
Angel R. Fernandez1859
Board of Education
Anita S. Dempsey-White2735
Christopher R. Drake2686
Marilyn F. Dunkley2654
Deborah Cain2603
Linda Salafia2511
Patricia A. Alston2472
Cheryl McClellan2330
Christopher Petter2153
Troy Meeker2143
Emmakristina Sveen1650
Planning and Zoning Alternate
Thom Pattavina2780
Elizabeth R. Emery2691
Corrine Dorsey2040
David A. Greaves1922

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jd said...

Thanks for posting this. Its hard to find the election results online.