Thursday, November 5, 2015

OPINION: Doing the RIGHT thing, after an election

We all know there are things that are supposed to happen during an election season.  You know, be nice to your opponent, positive ads only, don’t question fundraising techniques, and under all circumstances vote your mind not your party…. but what about after the election.  I don’t mean the “I want to thank my opponent for running a strong spirited campaign” and other such pleasantries that are cover ups for “nanny-nanny-poo-poo”

Please allow me to be serious for a moment.  The Republican Party, which I tend to gravitate towards (not exclusively mind you) has an excellent opportunity to lead by example and do the right thing.  Linda Salafia has won two posts in this year’s election and is due all the accolades that come with that.  She has won as “Linda Salafia for Common Council” and as “Linda Salafia for Place Holder” (I mean…. Board of Education) Now, as a former unsuccessful Republican candidate for Board of Education (2013) I can honestly say this is no small feat in this small city of ours and should be commended, but I digress.  Like I said above the Middletown Republican Committee has an excellent opportunity to show that they care about our community as much as their campaign rhetoric had us believe.

Linda should be given the opportunity to make a choice.  She has earned the right to choose Common Council or Board or Education and then relinquish her seat to the next top vote getter in the Republican Line.  Whether that be to make way for relative new comer Nick Fazzino or  the proven Cheryl McClellan respectively.  This automatically will force one more body into the fray thus securing an extra body AND name into the minds and hearts of Middletonians (is that a thing?)I can’t make that decision for her, but I do offer the following opinion.

Linda, please choose the Common Council.  You have been there before you know how it works.  You have earned the right to re-claim your seat.  Please give way to Cheryl, and allow her reclaim her seat, and continue working with the Board of Education in a post that she has served so well over the years.  We know your plan was to be a place holder with the hopes that the Republicans would gain more seats than usual – that, unfortunately was not the case.  We don’t want you or the party to bear any unnecessary scrutiny when people see there really is a conflict of interest between both positions.  (I can go into that if needed on a follow up post.)  The Board of Education needs Cheryl and her experience back when you look at all the new Democrat faces that will be “running the show”.

Republicans –  there is a lot at stake over the next two to four years, we have the opportunity to put experience back in both posts.  Show us you care.  Do the right thing.  For the School District, for the Party, for Middletown.

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Brian K (Middletown Parent and Free Thinker)


Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that Middletown voted for people who wanted redistricting before they were against it. Ms. McClellan should have been elected and instead those who didn't fill out questionnaires or even go to the debate for the boe and yet we see who was elected. Why because in Middletown all you have to do is be a democrat and you will get elected, whether you are the most qualified candidate or not. Now if the school system redistricts they have no one to blame but themselves for voting the party line.

Anonymous said...

Kaskel didn't like Salafia fiscal outlook for BOE, that's why he's saying this. Brigg Smith was going to allow Carl Chisem to be on BOE & PZ now a GOP wants something similar & all cry fowl. Maybe a person on Council & BOE would allow communication which lacks at the moment. How do you know this candidate was a placeholder? Her answers were sincere & made a lot of sense at the FT forum.

BrianK said...

Anonymous 7:36. This isn't a personal attack on Linda. This is an opportunity to get two strong Republicans in places where they can do the most good. Communication between the CC and BOE is at it's highest level in years. I would imagine having Gene Nocera as the highest vote getter will do more for communication than spreading one Republican too thin.

BrianK said...
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Middletown Eye (Ed McKeon) said...

Anon 7:36

What do chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese have to do with this?

My name is Ed, yours?

Anonymous said...

This really looks like either a placeholder situation or someone who wants their cake and eat it too. Jaded view to be sure, but this is Middletown after all and politics are rarely what they seem on the surface. The rules should be changed to allow candidates to run for only one office then this mess and skepticism could be avoided.

David Sauer said...

FWIW, this is what was reported in the Hartford Courant on July 27.

For board of education, Republicans nominated incumbent Cheryl McClellan along with Bill Boylan, Christopher Petter and Troy Meeker.

Salafia was nominated by the party to be a placeholder candidate on the school board slate. Republican bylaws require candidates to submit a letter of intent to be a candidate nine days before the party nominating convention. Party Vice Chairman William Wilson said several people have filed letters in the past week and did not meet the nine-day requirement, but a vacancy created when a candidate withdraws his or her name from consideration can be replaced by the party.

I don't think that her possible initial status as a placeholder matters at all at this point. I would think that serving on both the Council and the BOE would raise some interesting legal questions from time to time. The mention of Mr. Chisem serving on both P&Z and BOE is rather different to this situation. The duties of P&Z and BOE rarely intersect or conflict, but the Council and BOE frequently do. Ultimately, if state law allows it I suppose the decision is up to Ms. Salafia, but I don't think it would be a wise decision.

BrianK said...

I may be wrong but I believe the issue for Mr. Chisel was P&Z as well as Common Council. Not BOE.

BrianK said...

Mr. Chisem. (Darn auto correct)

SBC said...

I refuse to believe any one person can do both positions & do them well. Both are time consuming positions and need all the focus & not half. Plus, I've seen some of the responses (or lack of responses or knowledge) that the incoming BOE candidates are bringing to the table & I'd say they are in for a rude awakening & will need some veteran leadership!

Anonymous said...

Another thing to do after an election is to take down the darn signs.