Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What's Stamford Got To Do With Middletown?

Plenty, if we're talking about campaign contributions flowing from a powerful contractor in one city, to a connected elected leader in another.

“I think Mayor Drew is going to be the governor of our state someday,”  said Alfonso Barbarotta, in an article written by former Middletown Press reporter Alex Gecan that ran in Saturday's Stamford Advocate.  Barbarotta who runs AFB Construction Management of Trumbull, and Conveo Energy, is a longtime Democratic leader in Stamford and a close associate of Governor Dannel Malloy.

According to other articles published in the Stamford Advocate, AFB Construction Management is under scrutiny for installation of lighting at a Stamford Magnet School and for a disputed audit which led to the school board's refusal to renew AFB's contract with the district.

In the article, Drew calls Barbarotta: "a good friend, a nice person."


mike czerwonka said...

Dan is second fiddle now. Luke Bronin is big Dans man now.

John Milardo said...

You really didn't think that Dan wanted to live in Middletown because he loved this City? We're his stepping stone to bigger and better things. Political fame is fleeting. Mike Czerwonka's comment is right on! Bronin will be Malloy's new best friend real quick.