Saturday, July 31, 2010

Westfield Street Resurfacing Project Is Underway

The road project to resurface Westfield Street between Nejako Drive and Camp Street has begun. This stretch of road has not been addressed for quite a while, and it has cracks and potholes in abundance.

The asphalt of the existing sidewalks on Westfield from Ridgewood to Nejako, as well as a short portion of Camp Street, are crumbling and encroached with weeds, they will be replaced with new concrete sidewalks as part of this project, according to Robert Dobmeier, Assistant Director of Public Works. Dobmeier said that the sidewalks would not be extended beyond where they are now, "We don't generally put in new sidewalks where there were none, unless we get a petition from the residents. A lot of people don't want sidewalks in front of their houses."

The complete paving project will cost $479,155, with financing from the 2005 Road Improvement Bond. Storm sewers will be installed, and the existing roadway will have full depth pavement reconstruction. Dobmeier expects construction to last through September.

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Anonymous said...

I hope this project employs environmentally sound practices. Storm water management has evolved and improved over the years. The wisdom of storm drains and curbing that channel polluted run off into our watersheds is has become outmoded in many residential areas. New permeable materials and good old vegetation can make a big difference for sidewalks.