Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Middletown Artist Curates Steampunk Exhibit

Born from the imaginations of H.G. Welles, Mary Shelley, Jules Verne, Nikola Tesla and several others, Steampunk offers a melding of late 1800's aesthetic with scientific discovery and other-worldly technology. Though Steampunk reached a tipping point recently, it is not just a current trend. The Steampunk aesthetic has been woven through our media and consciousness for more than a century in books, film, music, fashion, and art.

Today, the Steampunk movement is alive with artistic creation and ideas to bring “a world that never happened” into reality. Steampunk artists create an alternate world not bound by the modern millennial conventions of physics, science and convenience technology. Steampunk is a chance for artists to build with their hands and their imaginations, just as the great innovators of the Industrial Revolution did.

Hosted by Dr. Grymm Laboratories, this second annual exhibit will harness just a tiny cog in the great machine that is Steampunk. The Exhibit will be alive with sights and sounds of ingenious and strange contraptions set in a themed atmosphere. The mission of this show is to give both a history and a premonition of this art form by bringing together 23 local and international artists to share their vision of what Steampunk is and will be.

This is the second annual STEAMPUNK BIZARRE Exhibit The Exhibit features the up and coming theme of STEAMPUNK Hosted and curated by Joey Marsocci, Proprietor of Dr. Grymm Laboratories of Middletown, CT. (the original was hosted in Middletown at the MAC 650 Gallery May 2009). Because of the size of the show and visitors last year, we have moved to a much larger venue. There are several artists from Middletown, New Haven, Hartford and throughout CT joined by artists from around the country and London, England making a total of 23 Artists. The event also features local vendors contributing to the design and food contributions.


James Muscarello - CA

And of course, hosted by and featuring the devious contraptions of Dr. Grymm,

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Anonymous said...

this looks great but i had to dig a bit to figure out the hours - here it is from http://www.drgrymmlaboratories.net

-Fri July 9: Soft Opening 5-9pm

-Sat July 10:

-Sun July 11

-Mon July 12 to Thurs July 15
Special Hours 10a – 5pm


Hartford ArtSpace
555 Asylum Ave - Hartford CT