Thursday, July 8, 2010

Man Arrested for Kidnapping and Assault

On 4/16/10 a victim of an assault came into the Middletown Police Department to file a report.  The investigation was turned over to the Special Investigations Unit on 4/17/10.

The investigation revealed that the victim and Durazzo were in a dating relationship until the victim ended the relationship.  Durazzo contacted the victim to reconcile.  They planned to meet on 4/14/10 at the intersection of South Main St and Highland Ave.  Durazzo wanted the victim to come with him to Maine.  When the victim arrived, Durazzo grabbed her by the throat and punched her in the head.  Durazzo ordered the victim into his car.  Durazzo attempted to assault the victim while driving, but then pulled over and had the victim drive.  Durazzo continued to assault the victim while she drove the car to Maine. At one point Durazzo burnt the victim’s arm with a cigarette. Once in Maine they were at a friend of Durazzo’s and spent the night.  The next day the victim was able to escape out of the bathroom window, flag down a construction worker and have him give her a ride to the local hospital.  Once released from the hospital the victim came back to Connecticut and filed the complaint.  The victim had injuries to her right arm and leg, neck and head.

Durazzo was located in Portland, Maine on 6/26/10 on an unrelated incident.  Durazzo held on an extraditable warrant out of our city.  Durazzo waived extradition. He  was picked up at the Cumberland County Jail on 7/7/10 and transported back to Middletown, CT where he was held on a $750,000 court set bond.

Rudolph Durazzo
Age:  34
54 Grove St.
Middletown, CT
Charges:   Kidnapping 1st  53a-92
                 Assault 3rd    53a-61
                 Strangulation 2nd  53a-64bb
                 Threatening 2nd     53a-62
                 Reckless Engangerment 1st   53a-63

Bond:  $750,000 court set
Court Date:  7/21/10

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