Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Show Goes On Weather or No

So far, so good for ARTFARM's production of "As You Like It" up in the Grove at Middlesex Community College, Training Hill Road.  Yes, it's been hot but no rain - yet.  That may change tonight but, be assured, the production (and the pre-play concert) can and will move indoors.  The troupe, the musicians and the behind-the-scenes people take the show to the second floor of Chapman Hall and perform it there.  Not the same ambience (no gnats or geese flying above) but it provides shelter from lightning and heavy rain.

Tonight (Saturday July 10), the Noah Baerman Trio opens the evening at 6 p.m. and the play begins at 7 p.m. For more information,go to

The Cypress Restaurant & Grill, 1265 South Main Street, offers live entertainment on its Patio Thursday and Saturday evenings. The Carta brothers and staff also keep their eyes on the skies and will move the musicians inside, if need be.  Tonight at 7:30, it's the hot sounds of Tony Rome & Swagger - the band plays an exciting blend of British and American rock music, from the 60s to today.  Need to know more, go to or call 860-346-3367. 


Edward said...

This is the best production yet from Art Farm. The acting, direction, costumes and sound are first class. This show is great entertainment and should not be missed.

Random Esker said...

I agree, Ed. The sound was excellent, not a missed word! The breeze, sublime and continuous. The sunset birds providing backing vocals, uninvited but welcome harmonizers. The cast did a great job and the setting - well, it's a perfect spot for this production and the work of the set designer masterful. Pay what you can but don't miss it! A local treasure.