Thursday, July 15, 2010

McMahon Takes Measure of Main Street

Republican Candidate for Senate Linda McMahon walked Main Street Wednesday afternoon with members of the town's Republican party.

"It's part of my education about the state, and the people who live here, " McMahon said just before an aborted launch of the work that was to have begun at O'Rourke's except that it closed minutes before the entourage arrived.

McMahon proved curious and affable throughout the walking tour, greeting nearly everyone she met, many of whom recognized her from the TV commercials her campaign has broadcast over the past few months.

The group then drove to Amato's where they viewed the vintage model train display, then walked to Pedal Power, where she discussed the manufacture of bicycles in China, and to Central News where proprietor Billy Sbona told McMahon he was tired of what he perceived as mandates being handed down by Congressional Democrats, including House leader Nancy Pelosi.

"What bothers me is the things being rammed down our throats," Sbona said.

McMahon also stopped into the Middlesex Fruitery where she found out that the faultering economy had an ongoing negative effect on a business that has been around for three generations.

At First and Last, McMahon got a tour of the revolving pizza oven before greeting patrons.

At least two of the people that McMahon greeted challenged her to a wrestling match.

She met an amateur beekeeper in Tschudin's Chocolates and accepted an engraved bottle of top-shelf whiskey (which, by dint of campaign rules, she paid for) at Forest City Liquors, where she recounted her years before she and her husband had made their fortune and were forced to buy baby formula and TV dinners with S&H Green Stamps.

Earlier in the day, Mayor Sebastian Giuliano, who accompanied McMahon on her tour of Main Street, endorsed McMahon's candidacy.  It must be noted that McMahon contributed $500 to Giuliano's mayoral campaign last year.

One final observation, and whether this reflects on the Republican party, McMahon's tour guides, the candidate herself, or mere coincidence, the people she spoke with on her journey were exclusively white, and gainfully employed.  While the entourage passed several people of color, no introductions were proffered, nor greetings made.


Anonymous said...

I think it was rude of O'rourke's Diner to close just when she was to arrive.

Anonymous said...

Why do they need to stay open for her? I would hope that she wouldn't expect better treatment than anyone else would get, and for their purposes, they close at 3. Maybe it was rude of her not to come earlier when they are open...

Jimmy Reality said...

Notice Scarozzoo trying to be in the picture! Doing anything in the world to get elected! Buddy, stop....its not going to happen!

martel said...

In this corner, Anon 7:43! In this corner, Anon 11:44!

Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!

BFlood said...

"It's part of my education about the state, and the people who live here."

Geez... if you want to represent the state in Washington, we'd expect you to know about BEFORE you start running.

Anonymous said...

Did she bring any of the pornographic film stars she uses in her WWE 'entertainment' events? Bet that would get out the vote for the 18-50 male crowd...

Anonymous said...

Whom a politician supports says a great deal about their values.