Monday, July 26, 2010

Not quite the Weekly Eater....

I'm certainly no food critic but here's my attempt at it. A couple of friends and I just ate at the recently opened New England Emporium in the Main Street Market. The atmosphere inside is beautiful yet casual, comfortable and relaxing. The food was delicious. We each picked a different crepe and a drink and this little snack shared among friends was about $22. The crepes were all very fresh and light, not salty or heavy, and with very good flavor and seasoning to the filling. The fresh buckwheat flavor of the crepe itself shined through. The crepes are a good size with plenty of extra folded over edges. The sweet and sour crepe was a simple lemon and honey crepe that was not too sweet and not too sour but just the right amount of each, and the lemon piece that garnished it was cooked to a candied perfection and I even ate the peel. The breakfast crepe had a lot of light and fluffy fresh scrambled eggs with a nice bit of sweet red pepper, and the chicken and havarti crepe was exquisitely creamy without being greasy or heavy. The market area has tons of items made locally (around New England) that I have not seen sold anywhere else around Middletown and environs so its a nice place to find some unique things. I will definitely be back to explore more of the menu again later.

I can't resist adding a plug for another gem here. It is important to note that when you enter the Main Street Market and you smell an intoxicating aroma of butter and sugar wafting through the air, it is coming from Fusion Bakery down the hall. Their pastries are indescribably delicious. You may never settle for Dunkin Donuts again after tasting Fusion's cinnamon rolls, "honey snails", custard pastries, danishes or scones. I highly recommend trying out both of these little eateries.

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David Bauer said...

I agree with your dining observation, having enjoyed coffee & sandwich there.